Monday, June 11, 2007

American Airlines Changes the Rules

My husband and I love to travel. Over the years, we've been pretty faithful to American Airlines, and we've accrued a good few miles by:
-always trying to fly AA or a carrier in the One World Alliance
-having an AA miles credit card
-using it for business travel (my husbands employers preferred carrier)

However, some recent changes have changed our mile accrual pattern:
-since having a child we don't travel as much as we used to
-we changed credit cards because research on the benefits of credit cards that accrue miles reflected a loss of benefits over the past few years. We got a Starwood card instead which offers us more options on spending our accrued points.
-my husband's employer recently changed preferred carriers

As a result of these 3 changes, we haven't used our account much lately. And while the points used to expire after 3 years, they now expire after 18 months. This does not improve our image of the airline industry. We still fly a few times a year, and that will only increase again as our son gets older, but I can't say we'll be very faithful to AA any more. The cost of cutbacks, I suppose.