Monday, June 11, 2007

I Love Profiteroles

I do! I absolutely love profiteroles, and I love making desserts. This should serve as a marriage made in heaven, but it's only proved to be a sad tale of unrequited love. I've tried making them time and time again, and they just fall flat in the oven. We got a new oven about a year ago, so it's much more reliable. But I'm still afraid of taking out the ol' pate a choux tools.

A great new show called "Chef's Story" interviews a different star chef every week. What drives them? How did they learn their craft? Where did they learn to cook? When did they know their calling? And finally, a demo. It's a great series if you're a foodie or interested in the chefs
A recent interview with Jacques Pepin was not only a great interview, it also had a great demo. He was an apprentice for years to learn his trade, but it wasn't an easy journey because the cooks he was learning from didn't explain anything to him. So he had to "steal" the recipe. And later in life, he turned down a job working as JFK's chef in 1960 to work at Howard Johnson's. Though he didn't realize the potential of the job he turned down, he had no regrets because of how much he actually learned. Another topic close to my heart...stomach... is the quality of our food today, and he addressed the lack of information available through influencial sources like television. He suggested more diversity on the Food Network programming which might inform viewers on food distribution, supermarkets, bioengineered foods, and the use of insecticides, pestacides, fungacides. I fully agree and I wish the Food Network put its resources into broadening its programming instead of adding another fluffy cupie doll to cook something pink (I really, really don't like Sandra Lee).

Finally, he made a great basic recipe for Pate a Choux, the pastry used to make my precious little profiteroles. I will be trying this over the next few days, and I'll report my findings. If it goes well, I suspect I might not see my skinny jeans again for a long, long time.

Awesome Quote:
"I'm not too fat, I'm a bit short for my weight"
Jacques Pepin