Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sippy Cups are Big News

Sippy cups are in the news today.

Was the TSA tough on a mother traveling alone with her toddler, or was she just rude? The NY Times reported that a woman traveling with her 19 month old was stopped by the TSA for having water in her toddler's sippy cup. Beyond that, the story's a bit more vague.

The TSA says she was rude and unhelpful. "A TSA report said Emmerson told an officer that she was a Secret Service agent, flashed her credentials and said she was exempt from the ''stupid'' policy restricting liquids on planes. But Emmerson denied that she flashed her badge, saying the video footage shows her digging in her luggage for identification."

The mother says they harassed her."Emmerson said an officer threatened to arrest her after the water spilled, telling her she was ''endangering the public.'' She said there was no place to dump the water near the security area, and that she was worried when her son started wandering away from her."

Just to clear up the story, the TSA actually posted the video online. I don't know if it clears much up, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a lot of heresay. What I do know is that this was all started by water in a toddler's sippy cup, and per the video, she was detained for no less than 10 minutes. It's nice to know our tax dollars are paying for moments like these. My question: if a toddler can drink the water, how dangerous can it be?"

This one's a good reminder to taste what your kid eats and drinks. An Applebee's server filled a 2 year old's sippy cup with a margarita instead of the requested apple juice. An honest mistake, I'm sure. Since we haven't had the need to order anything for our son when we go out, this hasn't been a thought. However, going forward, we'll be sure to be cautious of what he's actually getting.