Sunday, June 17, 2007

Once a Month Cooking

Get Rich Slowly's talking about "once a month cooking" these days. It's a very clever idea, but honestly, I don't think I'd be able to have the same/similar food one looooooooooong month. I like spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. That said, just before we had our son we knew time was going to be of the essence, so we did something along these lines. We cooked a large portion of a different freezable meal every day for about a week, ate from it that night, and froze the rest. From those efforts, we stockpiled about 4 weeks worth of food which carried us through those brutal, sleepless nights with our precious little bundle of joy ;-)
Going forward, we do something similar. When we make a meal that can be frozen, as long as we're not counting on the food for leftover purposes, we freeze it. This assures emergency meals that are better and more nutritious than store-bought frozen meals, and it means we're not eating the same leftovers for days, and days, and days.
Now all I need is a bigger freezer...*le sigh*