Monday, June 18, 2007

The Great Big Google Monster

I'm a Google-ite. I search for everything on Google, and it keeps me coming back. But I do believe that when a company gets to be as big, powerful, and self-admiring as Google is becoming, it can lose its effectiveness. It's easier to buy a company that does something they'd like to do than to come up with the idea on their own. They're growing in leaps and bounds (did i hear at an average of 500 new employees per month this year?). And as they grow into this behemoth, I can't help wonder how much internal progress they're stifling. In terms of creativity, large companies just don't function as well as smaller companies...there are far too many points to compromise. Steve Wozniak's development of the Apple while at HP comes to mind.

So when I saw this article on PBS, I was amused. The Final Days of Google points out "Google is an amazing entrepreneurial petri dish. Yet at the same time, it is doomed to disappoint nearly every entrepreneurial type who works there. This is key: Google is sowing the seeds of its own eventual destruction. It can't help doing so."

Just reminding myself to take even the brilliance of Google with just a pinch of salt.