Sunday, June 24, 2007

Virtual Bakesale for a Good Cause

Hold a virtual bake sale to help end childhood hunger in America. Sounds shady, but it's all legitimate. It's just about raising funds for a worthwhile cause in which you too can be involved.

There is hunger in America, and when kids face it, the damage can be seen in poor school attendance, test scores, and medical costs, all of which affect the community in the long run. Share Our Strength (SOS) states that "Nationally, 1 in 6 American children live in homes at risk of hunger. Many of these children are helped by federal and state feeding programs, but there remains gaps in their eating during the summer and after school." I do so much to make sure that our son not only eats enough, but is happy in doing so. It saddens me to think of the need facing so many kids in our own communities.