Monday, June 2, 2008

Around the Internet

99 Luftballons - First of all, I'm annoyed that they don't do maternity sizes. Second, it's probably for the best cuz if I get this shirt, I'll end up singing the song every time I see it in a mirror. In fact, I'm singing it right now...
And MetaToddler will just spend the whole time pointing at me saying "bee-bah" (translation: balloon).
And yet, still tempting.

Good News/Bad News: Gordon Ramsay at the London - Gordon Ramsey finally makes it to L.A. Per some of the Chowhound comments (see link), L.A.'s not impressed. Wonder how Gordo would rate his own shabby performance...tee hee :-)

Web feast of frugal meals - More families are cutting back on their food budgets, and it's getting more than's getting trendy :-o
Whatever about that, I'm not going to be making butter or cream cheese out of powdered milk. But kudos to anyone with that amount of energy and drive. I'm impressed!

Hangover Observations: Taste of the Nation LA - Eater L.A.'s review of the event. We ate so much, we couldn't eat a real dinner. And MetaToddler definitely made out like a bandit. From pork belly to poached salmon to gelato, all he kept saying was "more!!" We even got to see a few foodie celebs, like Antonia from Top Chef.