Monday, June 9, 2008

Gas Prices Soar...and Fast

I tend to drive locally, so I tend to fill up every 3 weeks on average. I've been doing a bit more driving over the past few weeks though, and I can't help but gasp every time I fill up. Primarily because of how fast prices have jumped. It's one thing for prices to go up, but this fast? Wowsers!!

Recent gas:
I filled up on 5/18 for 3.90/gallon

12 days later
I filled up on 5/30 for 4.10/gallon

9 days later
I filled up on 6/8 for 4.40/gallon

Honestly, the most frustrating thing is that the increases are obviously emotional. This is not a supply and demand problem. Personally, I think the problem is primarily in the commodities market where investors are so excited about the prospect of making a buck that they're creating a bubble, not unlike the tech or housing bubbles of recent years.

Let's see how this goes.



MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I feel ya. And when prices go up, they go up by 10 to 20 cents. Ah, the good ole days when gas was less than 1 dollar, eh? Yes, I remember that - a sign I am officially OLD enough to complain about it!

Hope you're ready for Meta Baby #2!

MetaMommy said...

OK, my oldest memory of gas was thinking "cool, it's back under 80 cents again." Mid-80s? Ya, we're old.

Honestly, we're not getting too hyped up for MetaBaby #2. We have all the basics ready (clothes, crib), and we found out the hard way that they don't need things like toys for a long time. So, we're less paranoid about being "ready." That said, I'm glad tomorrow isn't my due date. I need a couple of more months to get my head around the thought of "family of 4, please." :-O


Anonymous said...

Yup, I feel the same way. What's funny is that we're early birds, so we usually fill up at Costco first in the morning on weekends. It used to be that even as late as 8:30, there wouldn't be much of a line. Now at 7:00, there's often a pretty good line (and if you fill up at Costco, you know that even a line that's two cars deep moves unbelievably slowly!).