Thursday, June 19, 2008

Changing Shampoos...Again

I've been trying to live a greener life. To that end, I've been revisiting my shampoo choices. Last year, I posted on trying out a new shampoo. The results? Blagh.

But it's been a while, so I figured I'd try changing again. This time, I went for the super organic hippie shampoo, Dr. Bronner's Classic Peppermint liquid soap. It's completely biodegradable, vegetable-based, organic, fair trade, and so on. There's even a lot of reading material to accompany the lathering process. And they claim there are 18 uses for their soap, though they only list 5 here. So I tried it as a shampoo. And guess what. Blagh.

Washing my hair with this soap left it squeaky clean. Interesting, but not bad. I tried using it with my usual conditioner, but it left me with that same heavy, unclean feeling I experienced with Avalon Organic Botanicals Nourishing Shampoo in lavender. I tried it a few times, just in case, but the heaviness only got worse. I couldn't get a comb, much less a brush, into my hair. Let me repeat that. I could not comb my hair. Pregnant...braces...straw for hair. It's a wonder why MetaToddler spends so much of the day laughing with (at?) me.

So, I'm back on the cheap drugstore shampoo. I did find the following tips on the Dr. Bronner's website, but honestly, it's going to take me a while to consider changing shampoos again. If you're thinking about it, however, here you go.

Can I shampoo and condition my hair organically?

1) Shampoo with your favorite Dr. Bronner’s soap. True soaps clean hair well but can leave a tangly look & feel; however…

2) Rinsing with our new Organic Shikakai Conditioning Rinse results in spectacular look and feel! Just stir 1- 2 capfuls of this rinse into a cup of water, close eyes and slowly pour while massaging into hair. Keep hand combing hair until hair feels entirely sleek (~30 seconds). Rinse out well. Repeat if necessary in extra hard water conditions or with longer hair.

3) After drying lightly with a towel, massage in Dr. Bronner’s new USDA Organic Leave-In Conditioning Crème for added silkiness and softness.


Anonymous said...

When I kind of went granola, I tried a lot--A LOT--of different "natural" and "organic" shampoos. I never really found any that were super great. But the best I discovered were the ones made by Burt's Bees. For one thing... they really are natural (meaning they don't contain a lot of harsh chemicals that sometimes show up in so-called "natural" shampoos). And though their consistency tends to be watery, they do seem to get my hair clean. I have to follow up with a conditioner, though (I have dry hair) and usually use a leave-in by Paul Mitchell. It's animal-friendly, but not "natural."