Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bubble Blowing Booby Trap

As a toddler mommy, I exposed a fatal flaw today. We went to visit a friend who had a bottle of soap for blowing bubbles. I tried to blow some, and I failed. I mean, nothing was happening, besides splooshing suds on myself. And by on myself, I mean on the belly, the most prominent part of my current self.

BTW, I do not recommend this look. Well, unless you're pregnant, cuz that's the only time it will ever, ever be completely overlooked. So guys, you're out of luck here. That said, you don't have to endure labor. Who won that one?

Ya, I thought so.

So tonight at bath time, I took out a bottle of bubbles that I've put off opening. Obviously, I've been avoiding it for a reason. But now, I was on a mission.




Ah, but wait...

I eventually got the blowing pressure better and started to get a few bubbles out. Small, but I'm not picky. MetaToddler was really, really patient because (1) he was exhausted and (2) he loves bubbles. If anything, he was trying to take the wand from me because...well, he makes better bubbles than I do. But hey, that's cool. One day someone will ask "did you teach that champion bubble blower how to blow bubbles," and I'll proudly say "no, he's just naturally fabulous."

In the meantime, I'll work on blowing more bubbles. Or learn to feign wrist pain and pass the wand on to MetaDaddy. Or buy some idiot-proof wand so we can actually enjoy the summery sunshine.

If you have any tips for the bubble impaired, please share. I've read around and figured this is a start.