Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nina Simone: Interviews & Live Music

A beautiful, if depressing, compilation of interviews by Tom Schnabel with Nina Simone and some phenomenal live performances. She passed away in 2003 after a turbulent life. She saw and did so much, though by the sound of some things she says the interviews, she might have preferred less excitement and more potatoes. She speaks so honestly, you almost feel like you shouldn't be listening to such private thoughts. It's intimidating. But her music warmly invites you to listen and enjoy. So I did.

I'm not sure of how long it is because I listened to it over several time bursts. Ah, parenthood ;-) It's not short, though...perhaps an hour or more? But I highly recommend it if you like Nina, or you just feel like listening to some sweet, golden honey. But don't call her a jazz singer. She hated that.