Sunday, September 30, 2007

Babyproofing Away from Home

When you visit someone's home with your infant or toddler, it can be a bit of a challenge to keep your little one safe, especially if you're staying overnight. For example, visiting his grandparent's home is a wonderful opportunity to share some quality time and create that family bonding that kids need. However, grandparents who don't have kids over often might unknowingly have some dangers in the home. It's not necessarily cheap or easy to babyproof a home, and if you're going for a short stay, it's probably not worth the time and expense. I found this list at EHow on how to quickly babyproof your home. There are some pretty good ideas here that are just common sense. For example, move plants, medications, vitamins, and delicate/breakable things out of reach. Also, close the front door and doors throughout the house (especially the bathroom door -- and lower the toilet lid). I might add that if there are breakable things, secure them with museum putty; it'll save breakables in the event of earthquakes, toddlers, and naturally clumsy people. You might also consider masking or invisible tape to cover outlets and tie up curtain cords. And from personal experience, keep floor lamps (and all other tall, lightweight items) out of reach so your walking wonder doesn't try to pull himself up with it.

Whatever you do, don't get carried away. All the safety measures in the world don't compare to a set of watchful eyes. And if you're visiting family, odds are everyone is going to be doting after your little one, which limits the amount of trouble s/he can get into.