Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Peet's Legacy

Oh, the whole coffee thing is so amusing. Sure you need your cup of joe, but the prices some places charge is just highway robbery. But some people need it. I'm fortunate enough to not be one of those people, so I'm not going to pretend to relate. I've been caffeine-free for a long time now (thanks to MetaBaby), but my husband's not. He's a scary man before his cuppa. Not scary, scary...but you're better off talking to him after, or at least during his morning coffee. And if he's getting ready for work, just get out of the way. He's in work-mode and you're just likely going to get steamrolled. He's mellowed since MetaBaby, though, so mornings aren't as dramatic as they used to be.

So, he needs his coffee. And his coffee of choice is Peet's, which is fortunate because there are a couple of Peet's in Santa Monica. It's pretty strong coffee, though, so it's not everyone's cup of...err...tea. Well, I just heard that the founder, Alfred Peet, passed away. An obituary to the man who fed Starbucks their wee little coffee beans in their infancy.

"His reputation in the coffee business was well in place in 1971, when he was approached by a group of entrepreneurs who asked him to provide his roasted beans for their new venture, Starbucks, in Seattle.

"Peet supplied us with roasted coffee, and he taught me how to roast coffee," Baldwin said. "He was very generous."

There ya go. So if you like Starbucks, he's why.