Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Missing Babyproofing Tip

Keeping your home baby-safe is tough. And there are so, so, so many gadgets to help you do it. There are lists all over the internet with tips on how to keep your home safe (e.g., here, here, and here (via CFO)).

I just have one thing to say. In all of my reading and talking and listening and sharing and watching, I have never heard anyone say "close your dishwasher completely." Perhaps everyone does it and I'm the only spaz, but I don't always shut the dishwasher door completely so that it clicks. And when you have a little toddler who's learning to walk by leaning and pulling on anything and everything, guess what! He's going to support himself against it and fall backwards in slow motion, giving both himself and his poor MetaMommy enough time to have an attack at the thought of the soon to form lump on the back of his sweet and precious little head.

So, close your dishwashers completely.

Note: MetaBaby was not harmed in the making of this post. While he did fall, he first fell on his well padded tushie, and then backwards, so he was fine. He got my blood running, though. That's always exciting!


ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

There's another reason to close that dishwasher all the way! I read about a baby crawling into it and a sibling turning it on while baby was in it :(

I'm glad MetaBaby was okay (prepare yourself, though - there will be many more heart-stopping moments to come, unfortunately!).

MetaMommy said...

Oh no! I can't read that sentence without cringing. You just wish there was a way to make sure you've secured everything.

Funny you'd mention the heart-stopping moment. That night, MetaBaby was in the living room when we noticed red stains everywhere. Bright red stains. We didn't want to believe it, but we had was blood. MetaBaby was fine; he was playing and smiling. Then we saw a teensy little cut at the bottom of his foot. I checked the whole room and the only potential culprit I could find was a tiny chunk of petrified Cheerio.

You never know.