Sunday, September 30, 2007

Remember Your Daily Vitamin?

I always aim to take my daily vitamin, and I try to get my husband to take his, too. But it's hard! When we were both working, I would take both out and leave his on the counter next to his coffee. On his more cooperative days, the vitamin would vanish. That said, sometimes I would forget if I took the vitamins out. I would second-guess myself and I became really paranoid because I didn't want to take 2 vitamins daily.

My solution:
Every Sunday, I put one vitamin for each of us in each compartment of a 7-day pill organizer. I stored it in the cupboard next to the mugs, so we remembered when reaching for that all important first cup of coffee. Going forward, I always knew if I took my vitamin that day. And for that matter, I knew if I should remind him to take his :-)

Unfortunately, this is no longer a safe option for us. Toddlers and kids can get into 7-day pill organizers easily, which can be very dangerous. We'll have to go back to using the childproof bottles the vitamins came in and devise some new scheme to remember whether or not we took our vitamins.

Any suggestions welcome!!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

good question. al gore's lockbox is all that comes to mind. :)

we have our stored in a higher child-proofed cabinet (not a drawer).