Saturday, September 1, 2007

Infant Potty Training

For what you are about to read, I apologize.

I've heard of the "diaper-free baby" movement (aka infant potty training), but I never considered it because it sounds like far more than I'm willing to deal with. When my son was born, feeding and caring for him on next to no sleep was enough of a challenge without considering doing it without diapers, as it seems some moms do.

Kelly Mom's description:
In many parts of Asia and Africa, mothers start pottying babies around 1-3 months old and finish before their babies walk. At that time, babies still need some assistance since they can't dress or walk. Mothers read and respond to their baby's signals - such as elimination body language, timing, patterns (in relation to feeding and waking) and vocalizations - and in this way, their babies stay clean and dry. Many mothers also rely on intuition. The reason this is possible is that there is a window of learning (sensitive period) open from birth until the age of 5-6 months.

All I know is that if I tried this, I would end up with pee on me all day. And I'm trying not to imagine the other organic substances I'd be covered it. Eww...I've grossed myself out.

To those who can do it, all I can say is :-O


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Okay, I'm laughing out loud over here.

Go ahead and do a product review and then I'll determine if I'll try it. :)

MetaMommy said...

You know, I asked MetaBaby how he felt about it, and he said "ew."
Maybe we'll just stick to the mess-free diapers. After all, I'm still a Virgo.