Tuesday, September 4, 2007

KCRW's Music Archives

Oh, I do love music. Maybe it's because I don't like absolute silence, especially if I'm alone. I don't mind it so much if there's someone else around, but I don't mind not speaking at all when someone else is around. Some people don't get that about me. I don't mind silence. But when I'm alone, I'm reminded of that by silence. So music or TV as aural scenery is a must. And I love the time and opportunity to discover something new and different.

I've referenced my proclivity to KCRW in the past. They've got a great variety of shows, which entertain me all day. It's their music selection on Morning Becomes Eclectic that first hooked me, though. They've introduced me to a lot of my favorite musicians like Norah Jones, Damien Rice, the Gorillaz, Pink Martini, etc. They've had a wonderful selection of musicians come in to their studio to perform live, and they've archived many of these live performances online. I had no idea how many they had, though. Currently, they've archived performances from November 1998 thru the present, which amounts to about 1,000 sessions. And their archives are really searchable, so if I want to find a favorite musician's performance, it's easy. I'm not sure if they intend to archive their entire library which has been accumulated over 30 years of broadcasting and contains in excess of 60,000 recordings . Wow. It'd be nice if they do so we can savor the rare performances of the likes of Nina Simone.

Sometimes, it's nice to get a taste of something live instead of the same ol' perfectly produced recording I've come to love. The nuances of music make for a much more organic and invigorating experience.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh I WISH we had a decent station like that 'round here. I have to resort to music on cable.

MetaMommy said...

Boo! Well, at least you have that...and your internet connection ;-)