Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cheaper Being Green

I recently found out about Better World Club, a green alternative to AAA.

You're covered in any vehicle, not just your own. Emergency road and tow service for motorized vehicles covers a maximum of 4 breakdowns per year, per member. And various other services that AAA is known for providing.

Basic Auto Coverage is an annual $53.95 plus a one-time non-refundable $10 signup fee. However, to encourage AAA members to make the switch, they say they'll match AAA's price on equivalent memberships and might even be able to waive the signup fee. They even include $40 in gas rebate coupons, meaning your membership could end up costing about $1.25 per month if you actively redeem the coupons. More info on various pricing options here.

On a slight tangent, Real Simple suggests renting a hybrid vehicle on your next trip. Why? For a little more money per day, your car rental might end up costing you less green than a traditional rental.
  • Certain cities and states allow hybrid drivers to park free in metered spots.
  • Certain cities also allow the use of carpool lanes without passengers.
  • Some hotels even waive parking fees.
You should check with your destination city to assure they allow these cost saving perks before booking. Once you're ready, Real Simple points out that Enterprise has a large inventory of hybrids (prices vary). Better World also provides a variety of discounts on hybrid vehicles.

Hat tip Green LA Girl