Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feeding Your Ravenous Teenage Boy

The more I think about this "parenthood" thing, the more I realize how blind I was. Sure the pregnancy and labor was a challenge. And yes, it's still pretty hard to get an uninterrupted night of sleep. However, when MetaBaby gets older, things should be easier, right? I know, I know...LOLOLOLOL.

Well, here's something I surely didn't bank on. Teenage boys eat a lot. Like, a tall boy who's playing sports might consume as much as 4,000 calories. WHOA!!! At least that's what Georgia Orcutt said in her interview on Good Food. She described how her boys would go "blind" when they opened the refrigerator in search of something, which they'd never find. She was constantly running out of food she was counting on like milk, bananas, and cheese, so much so that she would walk through her house yelling "who ate all the cheese?" I'm sure I'll be that mother one day. And yes, I will be "mother" at that point, and only "mommy" in unkind jokes, to which I have every intention of responding harshly enough to put the jokester in his/her place. Let that be known, jokester.

So she wrote a book entitled How to Feed a Teenage Boy: Recipes And Strategies , which sounds like an interesting read for anyone in search of tips on how to keep food in the house with ravenous boys. She mentioned some clever tips like teaching her boys how to cut up an orange, which while fundamental, I suppose not all teenage boys think of doing. Hence, starvation. She also put all of the food needed to make a sandwich in a box in the refrigerator and labeled it "food." Her boys can now feed themselves without driving they're mom bananas.



simon said...

well written, affectionate, and interesting blog.
I thought about including a link to your site on my blog.

if you ever get the chance, come visit me back


my blog is (not nearly as superficial as it sounds ;-) )

MetaMommy said...

Thanks, Simon.
And you're right...your blog is not superficial :-)

Katie C. said...

I, like you, did not think ahead to the challenges of feeding a teenage boy. Well, now mine is almost 14 and eats endlessly (it seems). He is also picky, although he wasn't when he was younger. I am definitely going to take a look at the book you recommend. Thanks! (And my sleep still gets interrupted!)

MetaMommy said...

Katie, I think you've just given me nightmares. Hopefully you're surviving your 14 years of minimal sleep ;-)

Good luck with the book.

Anonymous said...

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