Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday Dinner...on Monday

We've been putting of making a roast chicken because of the heat. It was almost 90° in Santa Monica today, and it hit 110° in some parts of the Valley. You don't really want to deal with a hot oven with weather like this, but that was dinner. It had to be done. And for some reasons, roast chicken feels like Sunday evening food. It's usually accompanied by chores around the house that we rush around trying to finish up because we know that the week is about to start up again. There are certain things that are much easier to do when there's someone else around to make sure MetaBaby isn't gnawing on the wall or trying to take a plunge off of something.

So, today felt like Sunday. Which means tomorrow will feel like Monday, but it will be Tuesday. And this whole week is going to be terribly confusing, but at least the weekend will come sooner. When I sound relieved about the weekend, my husband likes reminding me that he's the one who has to go to work. And I remind him that his wife and son like him around, so we'll actually miss him. Shocker. To be fair, it's always nice to have a spare set of eyes, hands, and arms around our toddling wonder...he's a handful. The toddler, not the daddy. Well...come to think of it...

So, today felt like Sunday. We did a bunch of chores at home, then decided to go out for a while. Santa Monica was likely to be crowded beyond measure, so we went to Century City to mall-wander. Except when we got there, the parking structure was packing with milling cars, none of which was able to find a parking spot. The fumes of the cars was sickening, and it seemed like there was no ventilation. The car read an external temperature of 100°. Parking was getting treacherous as people were getting desperate; must shop...must shop. And we were getting less and less interested, especially when the outside temperature registered with us. We left and drove towards Beverly Hills, which was farther inland. Why did we do that? Inland means hotter? Was the heat already affecting our poor, exhausted brains? Is this what heat stroke is? Then we drove past a cupcake store. This must be what led is...our noses in search of something sweet and new. Well, new to us. Sprinkles has been there for a couple of years, but I'll be darned if I'm driving to BH to pay for an over-priced cupcake that I can make at home. This, however, was a hot day which required a bit of a treat for...well, for surviving. We parked in the shade only to exit the car into smoking heat. Already longing for the A/C in the car, we walk to the store and find a line. Ugh. It's a teensy store, so the bulk of the line is outside. Double-Ugh. We wait; at least we're in the shade. The line moves at a reasonable pace. I'm consoled. Eventually we get inside and we get four at the discounted price of $13. No, not a typo. But I remind you, this is a treat. We chose: Coconut, banana, mocha, and choclate almond. We drove home, praising our new favorite modern marvel: air conditioning.

We put Boogie down for a nap and proceeded to have tea and cake (how precious are we!?!). We took one of the cupcakes, cut it in half (cuz we're into tasting different flavors more than eating like a cookie monster), and tasted our almond treat. The frosting was nice and airy, as was the cake. But there was waaaaaaay too much almond in it. I then proceeded to eat the flower-shaped sprinkle on top and I'm pretty sure the cracking sound was from my tooth, not the candy. I don't know how, but there's pain, people...pain where there was none.

Sprinkles in summary:
Cupcake Pros: light and fluffy, nice flavor combo
Cupcake Cons: pricey, the flavor balance was off, I broke a tooth.
Overall Rating on the MetaMommy Food Chart: Forgettable

This won't stop me from buying treats again, though. Yes, I could make it, but sometimes I have to balance which is worse: paying a little extra for a treat or having so much excess yumminess lying around at home that we'll eat ourselves into a sugar coma. Who needs that kind of pressure?

Signing, tired, and bothered (by my tooth, obviously).

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and a blissful kiss-off to the summer that was.