Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Beautiful Outside!!

The day started out bright and sunny as usual. Blah.

But now, it's overcast, breezy, and slightly humid.

Could it be rain?!? It rained a few weeks ago for about 3 minutes. No joke. Just enough to make the ground slippy and generate that dusty smell of faux rain. If you don't know that smell, and I'm sure some people don't, it's unpleasant and causes a slight cough. Close the window and pretend it never happened.

If it does rain, however, I hope it happens after traffic for the sake of the road warriors.

4:30PM on a Friday via Sig Alert. Note the 3 red dots on the short stretch of the 10E from Santa Monica. Ouch!

So, cross your fingers with me...rain, rain, rain, rain :-D

Follow up: No sooner to I click "Publish Post" and the rain starts...tap, tap, tap, tap, pourrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Sorry traffic!! I didn't realize my blogging powers!