Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blogosphere Tidbits

Food, Home, and Environment - Stuff around the blogosphere to teach and entertain.

Food Recalls over at Frugal for Life - Federal cases on food recalls that are currently open, but NOT making news.

Recycle Old Crayons over at EnviroMom - Don't throw them out. Collect old crayons and ship them to Crazy Crayons for recycling. Start a collection with friends and groups in your community to save on shipping. And don't leave your used crayons at restaurants since they'll just toss them.

Freegans and Free Food over at the LA Times - Stores throw away perfectly good food every day. Freegans try to reduce their consumerist society's tendencies by living off of others consumer waste. So in addition to picking herbs and ripe fruit from trees around town, when Whole Foods throws away food because it's not as pretty as customers would like, the Freegans are there. I respect them. I really do! But whoa...that's hard core. I'll stick to the farmers' market.

Recycle Clean Stuff over at Green LA Girl - Don't toss a half empty bottle of juice into a recyle bin. Empty it, give it a rinse (if possible), then toss it. The additional fluid uses more engery to transport, makes a mess, and can cause injuries at the plant. Also, if a bottle cap is of a different material than the bottle (e.g., plastic and glass), remove the cap.

A Disgustingly Large Burrito over at Los Angelous - Eww.