Monday, September 17, 2007

Shopping for Stationary

Oh, I love stationary stores. The paper, the cards, the pens, the pencils, the joy!! When I was in college and I needed a pick me up, my cheap version was to wander around the stationary store for too long only to buy a pen with a funky color of ink (usually purple :-).

Stationary stores are sadly not as kid-friendly as I'd like. That, or they're just not as friendly to my needs as they used to be. Oh, I still love the stuff, and I browse websites yearning for this and that, but I just can't justify it anymore.

*le sigh*

Here's what I see:

Moving List - Who has time to move? I can hardly get through a day that involves staying put.

Shopping List - It's called Excel. Learn to use it.

Address Book - How retro. I've got diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, food, a sippy cup, toys...not to mention MetaBaby's stuff. I'm not carrying a book.

Magnets - Choking hazzard.

Letter Stamps - Choking hazzard.

Labels - Choking hazzard. Trust me on this one. Every time I've put a sticker or label on him, he's tried to eat it. That never goes well.

Paper weights - Choking hazzard. I mean, it almost looks like candy. Mmm...candy.

Clips - Choking hazzard. OMG, is there anything he won't put in his mouth?

Cute stapler - Ooo, this is cute! Dang, I don't need a stapler.

*le sigh*


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

*le sigh*? Oh my, that was worth a snort (out loud I might add).

I'm a stationary junkie myself and I shouldn't be. It seems as if I have one left of some set just wasting space - yet I continue to buy more and more and more.

Le sigh. Heh - that cracks me up.