Monday, September 10, 2007

Short Books Worth the Time?

So I found the Lazy Library, and thought "self, you could surely use a short book. Maybe you'll actually finish it." Hmm...self was right. This needed to be investigated. So I go and browse under business, one of the top 5 popular searches, and I found a book that I remember so fondly: Caps for Sale. I will definitely buy it, though it'll be for MY SON since it's a kids book. WTH? I look under business, and I find a 48 page kids book? Yes, it's good. And though I don't remember the premise, I'm sure it has a pretty good message about something, possibly even business related. But this is hardly what I'm looking for when perusing reading material for myself. Especially given their intro on their website:
"Ever read a book that was a few hundred pages longer than it needed to be? Yeah, so have we. Fortunately, there are authors out there that would rather have a concise and effective book than a lengthy and diluted tome, and that's where we come in."
There are some great books that really are short, so I'm not attempting to say a short read isn't worth it. Personally, I believe that a mark of a good writer can be measured by what isn't written on the page. And maybe the Lazy Library does have a few of these great selections. I'm just saying :-)

Via Lifehacker