Wednesday, December 12, 2007

13 Doctor Who Related Things

One of my more absurd Thursday Thirteen lists. But I got a bit motivated, and it turns out, there's a lot of Doctor Who stuff on the internet. I know, shocking.

My MetaDaddy has been a fan for years, and we now watch it together when MetaBaby's asleep. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd be watching Dr. Who instead of mocking him for doing so. *Le sigh*

Dalek Cake via Go on and make a cake...if you dare!

Cyberman 2006 Cookie Jar - Who can resist evil cookies?

5" Face Of Boe With Animated Mouth - Which as we all know is modeled by Captain Jack Harkness.

Doctor Who Dalek 3D Bath & Shower Gel - Um...ya...

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - A true Doctor Who fan is nothing without one, n'est pas?

The Master's Laser Screwdriver - Competely and utterly different from the Doctor's, obviously.

Remote Control Dalek - Tee hee...everything's better with a remote control.

The 4th Doctor - I have no idea who this guy is, but he looks hilarious.

Knitted Dalek via D3 - I'm so impressed, words just don't do it justice.

Doctor's Girls via I had no idea the Doctor had had so many girls!

Music Video - Set to Snow Patrol's "Run." A bit sappy, but if you like "Doctor Who" and this song, which I do, it's entertaining.

Doctor Who Spoof - It's a bit ridiculous, but then, I suppose that's the point when you get David Tennent in drag.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate Sketch...hilarious, but the accents are thick ;-)


K. said...

We're HUGE fans of the Doctor at my house. And yet, somehow I still never knew about the knitted Daleks or the Bath and Shower Gel. Strangely. That cake, though - my husband is the cake designer in the family and I've challenged him to bake me that cake for a birthday someday. I think he's working up his nerve.

Fun list, thanks. I just did a list of things I want for Christmas, from the mundane to the unlikely. And now that I mention it, mine includes a knitted Elvis that would probably be right at home with a few knitted Dalek friends...

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh Meta. THIS is why I puffy heart you! My favorite is definitely the spoof. Heh heh.

Rian Fike said...

Guess Who's coming for Christmas!

Beautiful stuff, well done you.

J. Lynne said...

You cannot call yourself a Dr. Who fan and not know who Tom Baker is. Oy! Only the longest running Doctor.

I met him a few years ago at Visions in Chicago, though I must admit his ex-wife, the second Ramana was far more interesting and less drunk.

Thanks for linking to me. I might just get around to knitting those Daleks yet.

Nicholas said...

It's nice to see Daleks back again after so long away from us.