Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Pack

It's funny. MetaDaddy has traveled a lot, and as a result, he's gotten pretty good at packing. But when it comes to travel, he's a "last minute" sort of guy. So at the last minute, he can pack a small black suitcase with the utmost precision. Pants, socks, belts, cell phone charger...all in under 10 minutes.

However, it turns out that he can't pack without a hard deadline (e.g., cab driver waiting outside). We decided to finish packing tonight because he has to work tomorrow morning. He'll have enough time to get home and change before we have to leave for the airport. No time for packing.

So tonight, it took 2 hours to do what can take 10 minutes. It's like driving on the 405. You can't help but wonder "what's the hold up?!?" He was trying on clothes to see what he actually "wanted" to wear. He even tried on a pair of old, baggy jeans in his pile of clothes...only to find out it was mine. I remember putting it there momentarily, but I apparently forgot it. When I saw his leg stuck in the pants, I literally fell over laughing. "These aren't my pants, are they?"

We're just about done packing, and tomorrow is all about loose ends. This is by far the most organized we've ever been for travel. And we're exhausted!!