Saturday, December 15, 2007

Around the Internet

If you really need to wake up on time, an alarm clock that can be set to a different time every day sounds like the way to go. Read: sleep in until 9 on Saturday? Anyone? Anyone?!?

Quinoa: A Sacred, Super Crop - This is what I've been trying to tell you! And it's yummy :-)

EnviroLog - If you're going to light up the fire, why not consider and eco-friendly log? I haven't tried it, but I'm intrigued.

Slinky like toy - I'm not saying that we'll get one, but I am saying that MetaBaby might very well have a blast knocking these little guys over...not that I would condone such behavior ;-)

Women have backbone for pregnancy - It's not me. A new study shows that women's spines have evolved to handle the weight of carrying a baby in utero, which is something that men's spines just can't manage. Don't worry guys...I'm sure there are some things you're good at.