Sunday, December 30, 2007

MetaBaby: Growing Up and Moving On

It occurs to me that MetaBaby is no longer really a suitable name for my fearless wonder. He's getting old. *sniff, sniff*

After passing the 16 month mark, I have to come to terms with his toddler-ness. He is a toddler. I must try to remember that.

Hence, he will now be known as MetaToddler, amongst various other names (e.g., Boogie, Bear, Monkey, Wee Wee) because I love to play with nicknames. I won't tell you the nicknames MetaDaddy has been given because he'll probably get annoyed to see them laid out for the world to see. Lucky for him though, he no longer gets the quantity of cutsie ones since MetaToddler was born.

But regardless of what I call him (MetaToddler, not MetaDaddy), he'll always be my little baby.