Friday, December 21, 2007

Bested Once Again

I might remind you that this year, after several years of valiantly failing give each other Christmas presents, I finally suggested that we not exchange gifts. It's soooooo much easier than worrying about what to give him, especially since I've failed miserably in the past. I once said "I've decided to get you a watch, but I know I'll pick the wrong one. Would you have liked this one?" "Um," he said, "it's nice." "OK, let's go pick one out that you'd like." We're still waiting for that shopping trip.

So, it was a stress-free Christmas. The day before we were set to travel this week, MetaDaddy decided to pick up a spare pair of his favorite pants. So he went out while we stayed and finished packing. Unfortunately, they discontinued the pants, so he was plum out of luck :-(

After a long night of packing and such, we got to bed pretty late. We were exhausted! MetaDaddy usually turns the light out right away, and he's asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. That night, he just sat there...waiting. I didn't think much of it, but he finally says "so are you gonna look under your pillow?" "Ooo! You got me something!!"

Turns out he had to give it to me the night before so we could have it ready for the trip. So far, it's been a great gift and I love it...though I didn't think I would. But all I got him was a DVD of one of his favorite movies.

Bested, once again. And yet, I suppose things could be worse.


Kathryn said...

Ha Ha! MetaMommy - I LOVE your blog. I love it that you are blogging and that you read mine. So are you guys going to be in the same country we are for Christmas? If you are please let me know via email. It would be GREAT to get to see you and meet the little guy whom I can't believe we have yet to meet. I am adding you to my friends link list on my blog. I can't wait the read the rest of your blog - I am very intrigued by the Dr. Who stuff as I was a HUGE fan when I was 10.

Email me if you are going to you know where for Christmas. Give my love to MetaDaddy and MetaBabyBoy!

Would be great if we could get to see you!