Thursday, December 13, 2007

Week in Review

Between Christmas shopping, getting ready for our trip to Ireland (yes, again), and keeping up with random every day things, it seems my blogging has suffered. I've got a few posts in the works, but doesn't do much if I don't click that "publish post" button.

Here's a sampling of what my week has been like:
  • In a small store, MetaBaby ran away from me...all the way out the door...onto the sidewalks...with a pair of unpurchased shoes.

  • We accidentally shoplifted a $2 bottle of mustard. I have an excuse! The store was packed, it was hard finding anyone to help me find what I needed, and the checkout was a mess. I was rushed through by the cashier, who happened to snap at a customer who asked for change while packing my bags. When we finally got to the car, I found the mustard under MetaBaby. Now under most circumstances, I would have gone back to pay for the mustard (I couldn't just return it because he'd already slobbered on it). I always correct cashiers who give me too much change! But given the stress level in there, I figured they'd probably just get annoyed with me for adding to their workload. It didn't help that MetaBaby was antsy and his diaper leaked. Ugh. That said, I can't stand the karma factor, so I feel a need to make up for it. I've decided the next time I pass a person in need, I'll drop a $5 in his collection. I usually like giving money to organizations that can make a difference in people's lives, so this is a departure.

  • I've finished most of our Christmas shopping. There wasn't much, but it's hard to get it just right. MetaDaddy had a $20 gift exchange at work (no gift cards), 2 nieces, 1 nephew, a friend who's invited us for a Christmas party, and our Secret Santa gift exchange in Ireland. We got an abacus (good for learning numbers) and some crafty things for the kids, a parking meter alarm for my husband's gift exchange (ironically, my meter almost ran out while I was wandering through Restoration Hardware), some food and a video for our friend's party, and I can't tell you what I got for the family because they read this blog ;-)

  • My husband and I agreed that we will not be exchanging gifts. Primarily because we get busy and forget sometimes. I'm just as guilty as him. But I've never been one to feel that a gift on a holiday means something more than a gift on any other day. So I really don't mind. A friend had a funny reaction though. She tells her husband: "I buy presents for everyone. You only have to buy one."

  • And best of all, I forgot my vision appointment. I didn't remember until MetaDaddy asked my like 8PM. My reaction was...well, it was an expletive. I hope it doesn't turn out to be MetaBaby's first real word.
All I have left to do now is finish shopping, finish errands, clean the house, laundry, pack...but most important, tickle MetaBaby while running around the living room :-D


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Is it bad that I laughed through this entire post? I don't know WHAT I enjoyed more - the visual of the shoe shoplifting or the mustard shoplifting.


Ahhh, the holidaze!

Cynthia said...

I once forgot to pay for milk that I had in the bottom of the stroller...One just gets busy and forgets...It happens to the best of us;)