Monday, December 24, 2007

Baby Jetlag & Christmas Wishes

It feels like forever and a day since I've posted.

We've since packed, did everything (we hope) that we needed to at home, and flew 9 hours to Dublin, Ireland. Funny enough, it was a glum and rainy day in Santa Monica, but a crisp and sunny day in Dublin. You're not gonna hear that very often, let me tell you.

MetaBaby slept for about an hour and a half on the flight, which isn't great. But we alternated entertaining him, so he didn't get too unsettled at any point. We, however, slept zero minutes. Zero. When we landed in Dublin, it was about 2AM at home. We got to my MIL's home exhausted. We let him run around a bit, fed him, and gave him a 2 hour nap. But we were all tired later in the day, so we all settled in for a nap...his second, our first. As hard as it was to get up after 2 hours, we did so as to recover from jet lag sooner than later. We probably shouldn't have let him sleep for that long. Oops!

That night, we all went to sleep. Wee MetaBaby woke up at 3AM hungry and confused. Once he woke (screaming, obviously), we were all awake, so off we went to the kitchen to hang out and be groovy...and to snack, of course. He didn't go back to sleep. No one did.

It was late when we finally got to sleep that morning, and we woke up at 1PM. We only gave him one nap that day and put him down at 10PM. Despite our concerns, he went to sleep after his bedtime routine. Unfortunately, he woke up at midnight, and was up for the night...again. We went to the kitchen, ate, hung out, tried (and failed) several times to put him to sleep, and conceded to the pint-sized insomniac. Eventually, MetaDaddy stayed up with him allowing me a couple of hours of sleep. He later went in with him waited until MetaBaby fell sleep on him. We all woke up at 10 AM and swore that no naps were to be had that day. I think we gave him a one hour nap and put him down at 9PM, after his bedtime routine.

Eventually, he settled into a routine. For two nights, he's slept through the night, and everyone's much happier as a result. We're feeling much better.

On the bright side, tomorrow's Christmas day. Family, food, gifting, and stories...I love the stories. Cross your fingers for us that he doesn't wake up tonight :-D

Merry Christmas to all!!!