Wednesday, December 5, 2007

13 Fun Gifts

  1. A variation on the age old loose tea strainer. Nice design, and looks easy to use.

  2. Nap Warden listed out some food gifts. After all, everyone eats. Besides, 'tis the season for tasty treats! But don't limit your food gifts for local family and friends. Dorie Greenspan's tips on shipping cakes and cookies help make sense of picking the right kind of cookie or cake and packing material (e.g., unbuttered popcorn).

  3. Here are some cute toys for a gardener's delight.

  4. Get someone a gift subscription to Netflix. A great gift for parents.

  5. Looking for a pick me up, but not interested in instant coffee, over-priced coffee, or coffee that tastes like someone else's leftovers? How about a
    mini coffee press that you can use in most mugs? Insert, pour water, press, and put it back in its storage container. No stress. No mess.

  6. Storing coffee in the fridge is a bad idea.
    "If you are wondering about the refrigerator, it is a no-no for coffee. Since the temperature is generally around 37 degrees, the water that is inside doesn't freeze. It is a cold mist that lingers on the coffee and there are even more scents and flavor molecules floating around. Liquid water is coffee's worst enemy during storage. Under no circumstance would I ever recommend using the refrigerator for storing coffee."
    How about some good coffee, a nice canister, and a reminder to store properly.

  7. Plant a tree in their honor. The gift that lasts forever.

  8. SmartShopper™ Grocery List Organizer - This is so overpriced, no one should buy it for herself. However, that makes it a fun gift...if you're willing to part with $150 ;-)

  9. IntelliScanner - I like geeky stuff like this, obviously. But apparently, it's all pricey. That said, imagine how much scanning you could get done with this little baby!

  10. Hola Ola - Easy open silicone storage containers sound ideal for the busy cook.

  11. A list of cookbooks from NPR. I find cookbooks rather subjective, and while I like some of these, my list would be different. Get a feel for the recipient to see what his or her library needs.

  12. Tengu by Mr. Jones - OK, this is just precious. Ridiculous, but precious.

  13. Music!! Share some of the more unique flavors of your music collection. I love buying music on iTunes, but Amazon now sells music online, too.


Zenmomma said...

I'd love to get my folks a Netflix subscription. But first I'd have to get them a DVD player and then hook it up and then explain how to use it and then... :-(

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Excellent ideas Meta, I want #1!

MetaMommy said...

You should send them your list ;-)

Nicholas said...

That gift subscription to Netflix is a brilliant idea! I wish someone had given me one.

J. Lynne said...

I wanted to get my parents a netflix subscription last year but they didn't want it. Last week my mother called me and said they were going to sign up but didn't know what movies to put on their list except "The Queen" and demanded that I give her a list of movies to watch. However, she doesn't want anything dark like I like or any of that superhero nonsense either.

I guess while I'm visiting at Christmas I'll have to show them how to use the recommendations part of netflix. ;)