Friday, November 16, 2007

Around the Internet

Why now might not be the time to invest in a mutual fund - An easily forgotten bit of information, in case you're looking to invest right now.

8 secret credit scores you don't know about and Beyond your FICO (via Chief Family Officer) - A couple of posts on Liz Pulliam Weston's article about the nuances to your credit rating. It's not just enough to watch your credit score because that's not the only information lenders have access to. Good information to keep in mind when evaluating your credit image with lenders

Trading in old electronics - Costco will pay you for your old consumer electronics, which might or might not be worth it. Whatever you do, make sure you dispose of your electronics responsibly (e.g., donate or take it to the dump).

Biodegradable Diapers via Sustainable Works - Really biodegradable, made with a corn based material. This also means they're breathable, less bulky, and soft to the touch. They are, however, pretty pricey ($15.99 per package or $59.95 per box of 4 packages), and they're hard to find. If the trend catches on, availability and pricing should adjust accordingly. Stuff to ponder. Do you want to lead or be led?

Contact lens case - Sure you can get free ones, but this one's plain clever. If you travel, or you misplace your case often, this might be your ticket to peace of mind.

Funny stuff on Craigs List via David Lebovitz - Examples (I could list dozens, but I'll keep it brief in an attempt to keep you on my good side):