Sunday, November 18, 2007

L.A. Auto Show and SUVs

The L.A. Auto Show is this weekend (video clip here). We're not going this year because there isn't enough to entertain MetaBaby. That said, if we really wanted to go, we probably could. We just don't care that much. It's interesting to see all of the new models and prototypes, though. And this year like in all other industries, the green models are getting all of the hype.

Later that day, Toyota got stumped (via Emerald City). Personally, I don't understand hybrid SUVs. The SUV is really just an unfortunate compromise between having a reasonable car, and an useful minivan. We have a Volkswagon Jetta, which is agile and has spectacular trunk space. We have never come short of space, including a drive up to the mountains when we took luggage, a playpen, stroller, food, and other baby essentials. In speaking to some friends, they've actually said how small the interior to their SUVs are. One said that his high end SUV that can't even accommodate his rear-facing infant car seat in any position except the middle back seat.

If you think you really need a larger car, make sure you're making the right choice. A well proportioned 4 door sedan can be spacious, easier to drive, cheaper to operate (especially with soaring gas prices), and easier to park than an SUV. A minivan will offer you more seats, as wells as a more spacious and flexible interior. But an SUV costs more to operate, isn't as spacious as a minivan, and is harder to drive and park (e.g., no compact spots).

I'm just saying.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh come on, MetaBaby would love to pound on all those new expensive cars. *wink*

P.S. Love (LOVE) those baby panda clips.