Tuesday, November 20, 2007

L.A. is Huge!

If you ever wondered why the City of Los Angeles is so complicated and hard to manage, take a look at this map. The colored area of this map is the city, not county of Los Angeles, which includes the light gray area. It's HUGE! Los Angeles is comprised of a ridiculous number of communities, many of which represent our unique melting pot, such as Korea Town and China Town. There are a few wealthier cities that have seceded from Los Angeles, such as Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Burbank. Those cities tend to function a bit better because money stays local and the city has the flexibility to move slealthily to resolve problems. Some argue that the loss of revenue to the city of L.A. negatively impacts the remaining low income residents.

Like I said, complicated and hard to manage.

And just to give you a bit of perspective on the size of the city versus the metro system, here's another map. It's what commuters here call "a joke."