Monday, November 26, 2007

Mind the Gap

Nooooooooo!! Emma Clark? Fired?!? Say it ain't so!!

OK, I didn't really know her name before this article, but I knew the voice. And if you've been to London and riden the Underground, you do too. She's the voice that you hear saying "mind the gap" as the doors close.

Did she get canned due to her proclamation that "she no longer used the Tube because it was 'dreadful'." Or was it because of a little slagging on her own website. Hey, what's so bad about a little humor? (e.g., "We would like to remind our American tourist friends that you are almost certainly talking too loud.")

He said, she said. We may never know the truth.

Note: "Mind the Gap" is not to be confused with "Mind the GAAP." If you're an accountant, you're groaning in pain right now.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

holy crap. no way. that just can't be. this is why i love your blog. i never know what i'll learn!