Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Around the Internet

George Clooney Tells Off Paparazzi - Anyone who's a danger on the streets deserves to be corrected. Good for Clooney for stopping to remind the photographer of his irresponsible behavior. Unfortunately, said photographer obviously went on the sell the footage...ugh.

101 thoughts on losing 100 pounds via Chief Family Officer - I'm generally not allowed to put my two cents in on weight matters because I don't "appear" to have any weight issues. Every now and then, I feel like I could lose a couple of pounds, but it's not something I would say to most people because they'd just get annoyed and laugh at me. Whatever. When I see great tips and reminders on how to maintain a healthy diet that will impact your waistline, I get excited. Food is not the enemy!

Holiday Express Lane for Flyers - Delays and traveler woes were nowhere near as bad as everyone feared. The additional "express lanes" helped, I'm sure.

Rotten Neighbor - What to do if your neighbor's lame. Grr.

Airlines Scramble for Fresh Options for Travelers - Scott McCartney from the Wall Street Journal breaks down the new flight options out there for air travel this year, from no-frills airlines, to all business class models. Now if they could all just depart on time, we'd all be set.

Incidentally, Scott McCartney writes a column for the Wall Street Journal. While most of the site is still subscription based, that's going to change. Rupert Murdoch wants to make the Wall Street Journal Online free, possibly as soon as his purchase of Dow Jones is completed next month. I'll keep you posted ;-)