Wednesday, October 3, 2007

13 Kid's Musical Instruments

13 musical instruments that kids play. Don't you love the kooky names?!?

  1. Musical Washboard

  2. Doodle Drum

  3. Finger Drum

  4. Kid's bongo

  5. Kid's Conga

  6. Whole Mini Percussion

  7. Kids Percussion Lollipop Drums

  8. Glockenspiel Xylophone

  9. Mouth Harp (aka Jaw Harp)

  10. Guiro

  11. Sound Funnel

  12. Junior Bagpipes

  13. Boomwhackers
Note: If you have a kid under 3, be careful of instruments with choking hazards. Mallets for xylophones, for example, are usually glued together; the ball can come off, especially with prolonged exposure to saliva ;-) Try to find a mallet that is one piece.


Cecily R said...

Hey wait...where's the recorder? It's the only instrument that I could play as a kid! Maybe you called it something else...

Anyway, great list!

Anonymous said...

Lollipop drums, that's definitely a new one on me. I might have to look into getting my goddessdaughter one just because.

Happy TT :)


Bloggers said...

great post.

My 13 is up on
Working at Home Mom

Anonymous said...

I did read that an excellent Christmas present for the young child of someone you don't like very much is a tin drum!

I used to play a different sort of funnel when I was a young child. The red funnel from my mother’s kitchen drawer made an excellent trumpet, I used to think. My mother did not share this view

Denise Patrick said...

What happened to plain old drums? Great list and interesting, too. I've never heard of some of these.

Happy TT!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh how fun (and I bet THESE aren't toxic either)!