Sunday, October 21, 2007

MetaNana Pays a Visit

Had a pretty good week. MetaNana was here, which was great. The visit would have been better if we had an extra room, and unfortunately noise pollution is an issue in our home. That said, we think she enjoyed herself, and we know MetaBaby had a great time. Between the extra walks, play time, and affectionate feeding, he couldn't have asked for more.

We even got a MetaMommy & MetaDaddy night out. We opted for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. They do amazing sushi, and we haven't been in at least two years (or at least since I found out I was pregnant oh so long ago). We chatted and gazed at our surroundings...theorized about other couples and the goings on at other tables. Better than any movie plot if you ask me ;-)

We thought about getting the sushi chef to select a few menu items for us, but MetaDaddy felt this might be a bit too adventurous for my taste. In particular, there is one dish that freaks me out. The sweet shrimp is a spectacle. If you're at the bar, the chef takes a live shrimp from the tank, cracks it in half, and puts the tail on a roll of rice. The head is then placed on the plate next to the shrimp roll, and it's served to you. But wait, there's more. The antennae intermittently twitch. Personally, I feel that if my dinner brushes up against me, meals over. Though I was glad it wasn't on my plate, across the room I witnessed a similar meal with a lobster. It's entirely possible yelped when I saw it move. I twitched every time I saw it twitch out of the corner of my eye. We didn't want the chef to suggest something this adventurous, so we went for some other options which excluded the sweet shrimp and lobster, and the meal was excellent. We got a bit more adventurous for dessert; we ordered a black truffle mascarpone cheese ice cream.

And the meal was that much better because we knew that MetaBaby was in the best of care.

*Le Sigh*

We'll just look forward to MetaNana's next visit :-)

MetaNana: Hope you had a good flight home!!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

The antennae intermittently twitch? Um, yeah. :(

That's just so refreshing, like you said, to have a night out with someone you completely trust with your little MetaBaby. It makes the night that much more enjoyable. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing. And so is sushi. :)

Don't think I'm strang(er) but I only trust my parents to babysit my son (they live over an hour away). I haven't worked up the nerve to use a babysitter yet. :O