Friday, October 19, 2007

A Perfect Meal

An article in Time by Joel Stein took inspiration from photographer Melanie Dunea's book My Last Supper to ponder the question of the last meal. High end? Comfort Food? Foie gras? Fried chicken? Apparently, professional cooks have heated debates about this all the time. Dunea's book has photos and interviews of cooks and their perfect last meal, and they're all over the map. Good food, as any of us would likely agree with, is a very subjective issue.

A while back, Evan Kleinman interviewed Mike Randleman about his blog: Dead Man Eating. Here he documents the last meals of inmates on death row. It's very interesting, if obnoxiously grim.

Well, I think the whole topic is far too depressing to ponder as is, even if restaurant kitchens are often stages for hashing out culinary preferences. I prefer to ask: "What's your favorite meal?" What completely gives you joy? Not necessarily just your favorite foods, but if you were to select the perfect meal regardless of cost, convenience, or availability, would you take the roast chicken or lobster thermador? Rare salmon sashimi or Big Mac?

I have a few foods that are escapes for me. I'd say thinly sliced cucumber with a very lemony lemon dressing, roasted chicken with some roasted vegetables on the side (i.e., potatoes, carrots, onions), and...oh gosh...what for dessert? I'm torn...a traditional chocolate cake, profiterole with custard filling (still warm), or vanilla ice cream with a bit of baileys poured on top.

That said, I'm off to scrounge up some lunch.

What's your perfect meal?

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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

ANYTHING Italian. And I mean anything. Ciao!

Glad your back Meta!