Monday, October 22, 2007

A Green Reform School

Being green is more about avoiding consumption and consumerism, but we can't give up everything all at once. As our babies and toddlers have taught us, it's all about the little accomplishments that make for huge changes in our day to day lives. So sometimes, splurging isn't all that bad. And what better way than with crafy, organic, and sustainable goods. Reform School isn't exactly built around thrift store prices, mind you, but cute is cute.

Which is why I'll allow myself to say:
Oh, how cute! An English summer pendant for $35. I'm not into jewelry, and yet...precious!

There are a few interesting kid's toys, too. The recycled wood block set, for example, also priced at $35. Rustic, yet fun. Makes me feel like roasting some marshmallows.

Via Daily Candy