Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Business Trips

I think you should get away this week. We're sick, and we don't want to get you sick, too. Nor do you really need to be around two sniveling, whiney people, only one of whom shares your genes. In fact, you're safest if you fly all the way across the country. Go somewhere warm and inviting. I'm thinking sun, swimming pools, maybe even a few amusement parks to keep you entertained when you get bored with the lounging.

It's for the best, really. Now go! Go on. Go!!


OK, this is not quite how it happened. In fact, he'll likely be annoyed when he reads this. But it's all in good fun. Besides, it's my blog. And since we're recovering, I get to be a little cheeky...I've got the 1-year-old, remember? Truth is, we were supposed to tag along with MetaDaddy to his Meta-Conference*, but we had to back out because we didn't think MetaBaby was up to the trip. I wasn't 100%, either. Which meant a less than 100% MetaMommy would have been chasing after a snotty and less than 100% MetaBaby while MetaDaddy went to work...and all away from home, meaning everyone was already going to be jet-lagged and confused at the best of times. The thought of it still exhausts me.

Anyway, I'm feeling like I'm missing out on something. So I think I'll have to arrange some sort of dessert or fun take-out tonight.

In the end, we made the right decision. MetaBaby is recovering, mostly do to proper eating and napping, which might have been stressed if we had gone. That said, MetaDaddy had to leave his brood behind, which I know is never easy. And he doesn't get to share the fun stuff with us, which he enjoys doing. So by no means am I insinuating that he's making out on this deal. But like I said...my blog. MetaBaby also knows MetaDaddy's missing because after his bath, they usually play a game: Daddy and Baby play peak-a-boo. So Baby looked around for Daddy and couldn't find him. Eventually, we moved on. Poor little guy. I think we'll all be looking forward to Friday :-D

*Revision: My MetaDork of a friend pointed out that MetaDaddy should be attending MetaConferences. Touche, MetaDork. Touche.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh NO, poor MetaDad is getting a Meta-Guilt-Trip. I always fret when my hubby leaves on a business trip. The first day goes by fine and then I start counting the days, hours ... :)

Hope you two feel better soon and enjoy that dessert and take-out!!