Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Parking in L.A.

Odd day. We went to the grocery store at around 4PM, and found a surprising lack of parking spaces. After circling around, I found a spot, but it was in the other direction. I was going to go around to get it, but I saw an elderly lady waiting right in front of it. I thought about going elsewhere, but I figured I'd try. If it was still there, score!! I go around, and guess what. Still there. The elderly lady was waiting for the disabled parking space, which incidentally was in the other direction. I go around her, take the spot I wanted, and start getting us assembled.

Meanwhile, somewhere behind me, the car in the disabled parking spot leaves, and a man in a car driving in the correct direction takes it. She drives towards his car, as though she was thinking of ramming it, and starts yelling that she's been waiting for that spot. He parks and opens the door to respond.

Him: I need this space.
Her: I need this space.
Him: I have one leg. (He takes out his leg, and has nothing below the knee.)
Her: Do you have a disabled sticker?
Him: Yes! And I'm I don't have a leg!
Her: Get your fat *** out of my spot.
Him: What did you say to me? WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!?!

It was getting ugly and I was thinking about just picking up and leaving. The security guard, who'd been trying to pacify the situation, finally settles the two. There was another disabled parking spot in the other direction, which after much complaining, she agreed to take. I finished getting us out of the car and go inside, just in time to see the elderly lady leaving the parking lot.

It was all a bit surreal. The hostility was palpable. I thought they were going to throw down. I think the security guard was a bit worried himself. And if they did, did either of them really need that spot? Then I thought she'd get all mad at me because I took a spot that was really just as good as the one she missed out on.

I just had to share that one.