Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Going Green with Enron?

I like the idea of going green. I always have. However, it's a costly transition riddled with time and patience drains. CNN's article Eco-decorators for your home discusses a new start-up company that audits your home and gives you the best options for you and your home in your particular area (e.g., solar panels vs. wind turbines, installation costs, state rebates, federal tax credit).

I love this. Despite the up-front cost, this kind of investment can pay off over time. Getting assistance from someone experienced in the process can make the transition much smoother, resulting in fewer unknown expenses and delays, while taking full advantage of all state and federal incentives. What isn't a motivation is the $30K price tag for the service. Or knowing that the founder of the company referenced in the article is a former Enron energy trader. Eep!!

So while I still like the idea of someone providing this type of service for big (i.e., expensive) greening projects, I think I'll pass on this one.