Thursday, July 12, 2007

Laundry Tip - Wash Fabric Toys

My son has been dealing with teething issues for months. So ya, he drools a lot. And ya, he likes to chew on anything he can get into his mouth. He likes fabric toys, which I'm happy enough to give him. However, some say that they're not intended for washing (e.g., plush rattle dolls like those found on Tiny Love activity gyms). Well, the whole *soaked in saliva* thing is enough for me to toss it in the washer, though I let it air dry. They come out in perfect condition, ready to sop up any new drool. So I now wash all of his fabric toys, and if one doesn't survive (which hasn't happened yet), I'd sooner toss it than harvest bacteria. I'm just saying.

We've also gotten great use out of a set of books I found at Costco by Soft Play ($10 for 2 cardboard, 2 cloth, 1 waterproof). He destroyed the cardboard ones in minutes...literally, minutes...with drool...ever-powerful drool. But the others are in great condition.