Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who Couldn't Use A Free Vacation?

Joy! I found a fun contest on Nerd's Eye View.

American Airlines and the new movie the Bourne Ultimatum have joined forces for a promotion where AA will be giving away a boat load of frequent flier miles. Just guess how many miles "Jason Bourne" has in his account, and you could win them all. Even better, you're guess doesn't have to be right, which is good cuz I'm terrible with this kind of stuff.

So maybe you don't care about American Airlines, or the Bourne movies, or Matt Damon (but how could you not, really), but you can't tell me you don't care about free miles!!

The catch: you have to have an AA frequent flier number. And if you don't sign up, that's cool. I'll be sure to say "hi" from Bangkok, Mumbai, and Budapest ;-)