Sunday, July 15, 2007

We Call Them Vanilla Plates

No Limits Ladies posted an interesting suggestion. Save time, money, and stress buy using white dishes.

Time - The time required to find replacement dishes for certain patterns is great.
Money - The cost in replacing broken dishes in a specific pattern can be high.
Stress - Where are you going to find that discontinued pattern? Will your mother-in-law notice? Neighbors? Jones'?

A few very good reasons to go white. She also points out that white is better than other colors because it's hard to find the wrong shade of white, which isn't the case with red.

I fully agree with all of these points, though I hadn't thought about it until I saw her post. The interesting thing is we were gifted with pottery dishes that we love, but they're porous so they're not great in the microwave, and they're bulky so they're not great in the dishwasher. So we were at IKEA one day and found white dishes at 50 cents each. I'll say it again...50 CENTS! We stocked up.

Our primary reason was one not mentioned on her blog. We believe that the food, not the dishes, are to be highlighted. Any color other than white diffuses the brilliance of the food being served. So at a minimal expense, we got a nice collection of dishes that allows us to see our food, without fear of the consequences. We can also use a dish to take cookies and muffins to a friend's house, and not feel like eegits for leaving one behind.


Anonymous said...

See your food! I actually have red plastic dishes for my kids...distracts them from my cooking...
Thanks for the link!

MetaMommy said...

No problem. Good luck!