Sunday, July 8, 2007

Post Secret: The Little Things That Make People Different

Post Secret is a website where people mail in their "secrets" on a post card, and they're posted on the site. It's intriguing. Voyeuristic. Salient. Exciting. Heartbreaking. Hopeful. So many things.

I'm not sure why I read it, but I do. I like seeing what other people have to say, and I'm not alone. Post Secret says Technorati rates it the 9th most popular blog in the world, though I just checked and it looks like it's now the 7th largest.

You find statements that people would never verbalize. You find comments that parallel your own thoughts. You find questions that you've never been able to answer, either. And sometimes, you get insight into the little things that make people different. I'm more than happy to open my own door if that means my husband's going to help me make dinner or give our son a bath. Everyone's idea of perfect is different, I suppose.