Sunday, July 15, 2007

An Irish Summer

If the rain continues through Wednesday, it will have rained 50 consecutive days in Dublin, Ireland.

We'll be flying over soon, leaving behind the golden California sun for an Irish summer. It's not too bad for me because having been raised in Los Angeles, I long for seasons. Rain is a nice distraction, in moderation, of course (translate = please, no more land slides). So, maybe I'm spoiled. But my poor husband...he's the one I feel for. When it rains here, he literally looks depressed. You get the feeling that he feels robbed. He moved all the way over here for sun, not rain. So on those 3 days out of the 365, there's a definite blue tint to his him. But it's all fair when in Ireland because he knows the rain there. Much like the Irish in this article, he has low but hopeful expections.

"While we can tend to be a downbeat people on the surface, the Irish people actually have the basically hopeful disposition of the idealist. We're happy to trudge through the 10 months, once we feel there will be sun some time."

and even more amusing...
"We're starting to think that maybe this is not an aberration, that this is just how it is from now on, that with the luck of the Irish we got the sh**ty end of the stick when it came to global warming."

All we can ask for is a dry day on his sister's wedding. Just one dry day.