Friday, July 27, 2007

How To Cut A Watermelon

Wikihow shows us how to cut a watermelon.

      1) Wash the rind of a watermelon with regular soap or with a vegetable wash. Everything which the knife touches on the outside of the melon will end up in contact with the watermelon flesh as it slices through.

      2) Use a sharp knife to carefully slice off the top. A serrated knife works best for items that have a softer interior and tougher exterior like melons, tomatoes, and breads.

      3) Stand the melon on end, and carefully slice down through the center. Note: if you cut along the dark stripes on the outside of the watermelon, then the watermelon seeds will end up on the outside of the pieces of watermelon, making them easier to remove.

      4) Cut each half into sections.

      5) Hold the section in one hand while you slowly remove the melon from its rind.

      6) Slice down from the top to the rind in even slices. Continue in this way until each section has the fruit removed.

      7) Place each section into a bowl and arrange.

That's all fine and dandy, but personally, I just use a melon baller. It makes for nice, small bites that are less messy to eat. And prevention is the name of the game when you've got little fingers in the bowl.

Via Lifehacker